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Emergency Response

Emergency Response: Israel, Gaza, Afghanistan, Libya and Morocco

As compassionate human beings, we are shocked and horrified by the devastation of war and natural disasters that proliferate our newspapers, TV and social media feeds. As an organization with a mission of expanding access to quality healthcare in all settings for all people, we strive to meet that mission regardless of political, religious, ethnic or national allegiances.

Since 2009, Partners for World Health has worked to positively impact the environment by collecting and redistributing surplus medical equipment and supplies away from landfills and providing humanitarian support by making them available at low or no cost locally and globally. We have sent more than $100,000,000 worth of medical equipment overseas since our inception, served thousands of people through our medical mission programs and provided the resources for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe with access to lifesaving medical care.

Our Environmental work is easily understood. Our core Humanitarian work is divided into two main thrusts: Supporting and Sustaining Health Care Systems with access to quality medical equipment and supplies by our container cargo, air freight and global health programs; and, our Emergency Response work by which we send medical equipment and supplies to areas of natural disaster or human conflict by working with partners on the ground - of late, this has meant shipments to India during the height of Covid19, the war in Ukraine, natural disasters in Turkey, Syria and more recently Morocco.

Where we have existing partnerships in countries in crisis such as Ukraine, Syria, Turkey and Morocco, we act directly with those partners to provide medical support. For locations outside of our own direct network, we rely on exemplary partners in the logistics, freight-forwarding and humanitarian NGO space to connect our supplies with communities in distress- to that end we have worked with in assisting crises in Haiti, South Sudan and now in formulating a response to the devastating and shocking circumstances occurring in Israel and Gaza.

As a Humanitarian organization first, despite our shock at atrocities performed by governments or other parties, we work to be neutral, impartial and respond to those in need of medical care.

Elizabeth McLellan, RN, MSN, MPH

CEO and Founder

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