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PWH is here to help individuals and organizations looking to purchase medical supplies. Through our Medical Supply Program (MSP) we offer a wide variety of medical supplies, and durable medical equipment (DME) for purchase at reduced rates.


  • You MUST make an appointment in order to work with an MSP Coordinator.

  • PWH is largely a Volunteer run organization - please be patient and plan accordingly.

  • MSP is not a retail store and drop-ins are not available.

  • Each order is pulled from our inventory at multiple warehouse locations.

  • MSP is not a loan closet and items must be purchased.

  • Smaller items are available at $5 per pound and most larger items and equipment are individually priced.

  • The MSP Team will get back to you within 5 business days

    • Home Health Requests typically take 5 days to process

    • School Requests typically take 14 - 21 days to process

    • Medical Mission Requests typically take 30 days to process

    • Container Program Requests typically take 60 - 180 days to process


To submit a request for supplies, please fill out the appropriate form below and someone will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. This will help us better prepare for your visit and we will be in touch in 5 business days

home healthcare

If you or an individual in your care is in need of medical supplies for home health, you may view our list of available supplies     here.

medical missions

If you are part of an organization preparing for a local or international medical mission, you can view our available items, here.

container program

If you are in need of a shipping container of supplies and equipment for your hospital or clinic, please fill out the form below.

Medical facilities

Schools and


If your organization is in need of supplies for your school program or clinic, please view our item list    here.

For additional information, email PWH at or call us at 207-705-9020

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