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our mission program


PWH aims to improve global health conditions by sending medical personnel on missions to developing countries each year. PWH organizes these missions in partnership with local hospitals and clinics, carrying thousands of pounds of medical supplies to those in need.

Participants provide primary healthcare services as well as offer skilled training and educational opportunities for nurses, nursing students, Community Health Workers (CHW), and local residents.

Through these missions, coupled with our Container Program, PWH has established an extensive network of international partnerships. Since 2009, we have held programs in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Kenya, Libya, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Turkey (Syrian refugees) and Uganda.

Each program is approximately two weeks long and applications are open to all medical personnel and non-medical PWH volunteers, in accordance with the program requirements.  Participants make a tax-deductible donation to PWH to join the program. This amount includes all roundtrip flights and in-country travel, accommodations and meals, interpreters, tips & sundries. NOTE costs are reflective of participant departures from Portland, Maine (PWM) or Boston, Massachusetts (BOS) airports. 

Find out more about the tools PWH offers for PARTICIPANT FUNDRAISING - click here.

Each team member will participate in a full day of work activities. Activities include: primary care, Project 10,000 education, BP screening, wound care, public health education and more.  Students will have the opportunity to work alongside a variety of health care professionals and learn about health care delivery in the developing world.  

Join us for an incredible opportunity to strengthen local healthcare systems and provide direct patient care to under-resource communities in a structured, educational, and safe environment!


Our upcoming medical mission programs are linked below. If you are considering a mission or have any remaining questions, please contact us. If you are ready to start the application process, please fill out the medical mission interest form, linked below.

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