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We started our college PWH chapters program because we are passionate about providing students with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world through volunteerism.  The officers of these chapters learn valuable professional skills while working for a cause they feel strongly about.


The responsibilities of student chapters include:

  • Volunteering in PWH's Portland warehouse once a month 

  • Organizing a mobility or crutch drive once a year

  • Fundraising to pay for a container shipment of medical supplies and equipment 

  • Educating their community on global health issues

  • Attending quarterly global health education series lectures 

  • Developing partnerships with local hospitals 

  • Collecting medical supplies from local hospitals and delivering them to local PWH warehouses


Members of PWH college chapters are also eligible to apply for our medical missions!


If you would like to start a PWH Chapter at your college, university, or graduate school please e-mail us and we'll help you get started!


While we do not currently have a formal program for high schools to start PWH chapters, we encourage high schoolers to contact us if they are interested in starting a chapter at their school! Responsibilities may be modified from those listed here. 


The following colleges and universities have established PWH chapters:

  • University of Maine at Orono

  • University of New England 

  • Union College

  • University of New Hampshire

  • North Carolina State University​

If you attend one of the schools listed above and are interested in learning more about PWH,

we encourage you to contact a chapter officer right away!

  • University of Georgia

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