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Blue Wrap is a product made from polypropylene that is used in all hospitals in the United States for wrapping surgical instruments for sterilization. Surgical items such as sutures, scalpels, clamps and many other items are cleaned and double wrapped in Blue Wrap. Once the sterile surgical pack is opened, the Blue Wrap is removed and discarded. A hospital that averages 50 operating procedures a day 5 days a week, not including nights, weekends, holidays and other emergency procedures can generate 4,500 pieces of Blue Wrap weekly and over 200,000 pieces of Blue Wrap in a year. These pieces are discarded into our waste stream and negatively impact our environment.

In 2011, Elizabeth McLellan, President and Founder, along with other Innovative and creative minds at Partners for World Health (PWH), devised the organization's inaugural, unique and festive fundraising event, Blue Wrap Project Runway. Fashion designers and other artists were invited to create spectacular and unique fashions using discarded Surgical Blue Wrap - around this creative idea a glittering and fun evening was born!

Follow the right arrow below to view individual images of the fashions that were showcased at the last BLUE WRAP PROJECT RUNWAY, presented in Portland, ME in  May 2019 - which raised $110,000 directly supporting PWH's International Container Program.  As well, view the video (approximately 90 seconds) where Elizabeth describes this unique and highly successful event and preview a sampling of models in blue wrap gowns.

For information about the Partners for World Health, May 2022 Blue Wrap Runway evening, now in its planning stages, email

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