Partners for World Health is always looking for new volunteers! 98% of PWH’s work is accomplished by a wide and diverse group of volunteers, ranging from middle school students to retirees up to age 95.

To get started please fill out the volunteer application below. We will reach out to you to provide upcoming dates and times for our New Volunteer Orientations (approximately 45 minutes long). After attending an orientation you are set to start volunteering!


Middle school (grades 6, 7 & 8) students must be accompanied by an adult.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteer shifts are currently by appointment only, so we can maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

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Once you have completed orientation, you will email our Operations Coordinator to schedule your first volunteer shift! Volunteer hours are split into two shifts Tuesday through Saturday. Mornings are 9:00am to 12:00pm and afternoons are 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Are you looking for a group volunteering opportunity?  We welcome groups for either a half day or full day with us and are happy to have businesses, religious groups, school groups, summer camps and more!  To schedule a time for your group or for more information please contact groupscheduling@partnersforworldhealth.org.

Sorting, Evaluating and Repackaging Medical Supplies


PWH collects thousands of pounds of medical supplies every day and all of it needs to be evaluated, sorted, and repacked before it can be loaded in containers and sent to under served populations in the developing world.  This is what a majority of our volunteers enjoy helping with and tasks can include:


  • Macrosorting - opening bags and boxes and sorting items into general category bins

  • Microsorting - further sorting general category bins into bins of more restrictive categories

  • Counting, bagging and labeling similar items

  • Creating kits of supplies (respiratory kits, surgical kits, birthing kits, etc.)

  • Packing, sealing and labeling boxes for shipment

But did you know there are volunteer opportunities beyond sorting medical supplies?  Check out the link below to learn about our additional needs!

What one word comes to mind when you think about your experience at PWH today?

"Wow"   "Impact"   "Eye-opening"   "Extraordinary"   "Gratifying"   "Fun"   "Value"   "Beneficial"   "Inspiring"   "Amazing"   "Rewarding"   "Organized"      "Exhilarating"   "Shocked"   "Meaningful"   "Positive"   "Awesome"   "Uplifting"

                                    "Best Place Ever!"  (ok, that's 3 words but we couldn't resist!)

What inspired you today?

 It is so amazing that we can do something so simple to help so many people in need


The enthusiasm, story and the impact this place has!  


I felt like I was making a difference!


Working toward such a moving mission is fulfilling!

I like being part of something bigger than me

other comments

I was really surprised at the amount of supplies thrown away at hospitals 


Well-explained & executable


Meaningful work, good volunteer leadership


Everyone was happy!  


Such a good feeling!

Great Cause

Amazing organization!


Keep up the good work!