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Partners for World Health accepts donations from hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, individuals, and organizations. We partner with over 100 facilities in New England to collect medical supplies and equipment. Donations are processed at our warehouse for local distribution and international shipments. We have partnered with representatives from hospitals in over 20 countries who assure us that the supplies and equipment reach hospitals and clinics in need.


If you have medical supplies or equipment that are no longer of use to you or your facility, we will gladly take them!


All donation drop-offs are by appointment onlyPlease call to schedule an appointment and do not leave your donation without speaking to staff or a volunteer.



Please check our list of ITEMS WE ACCEPT and ITEMS WE CANNOT ACCEPT.

  • Acceptable items need to be reviewed when being donated. Please follow these guidelines:

    • New: clean and in-packaging (and in-date where specified)

    • Used: clean and in like-new condition

    • Equipment/DME/BioMed: clean, in like-new condition, fully functional, with all necessary cords, batteries, and attachments and instructions (if available)

    • We cannot accept damaged, dirty, or broken items

    • We cannot accept medications of any kind


Questions about a donation? Send an email with product details and photos to  or call 207-774-5555.


Donation drop-off's are by appointment only, at 40 Walch Drive in Portland, Maine, Tuesday - Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Large donations of equipment and supplies requiring pick-up require advance scheduling. Email or call 207-774-5555 to schedule.


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