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Partners for World Health has partnered with over 100 facilities in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts to establish medical recycling programs. We provide recycle bins for each floor of a facility and educate the nurses and housekeepers on their use. In addition, facility managers gather large durable medical equipment such as beds, exam tables, and wheelchairs. Every week, PWH volunteers pick up the supplies and equipment and take it to our distribution center where it is sorted and processed for shipment to under resourced communities around the world. We have partnered with representatives from hospitals in over 20 countries who assure us that the supplies and equipment reach hospitals and clinics in need.


We are always in need of items and we accept a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment. If you have medical supplies or equipment that are no longer of use to you or your facility, we will gladly take them!




PWH collects donated medical supplies and equipment from medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, nursing homes, etc.), organizations and individuals. Please call 207 774 5555 to schedule an appointment.



PWH accepts donations of medical supplies, medical equipment, biomedical machines or home care equipment that are no longer of use to you or your facility.   Before making a donation, please check our updated list of   WHAT WE ACCEPT and   WHAT WE CAN NOT ACCEPT.

  • Acceptable items will still need to be reviewed when being donated. Please be mindful that all donations follow these guidelines;

    • If new, clean and in packaging (and in date where specified)

    • If used, clean and in like-new condition

    • If a piece of equipment, clean, in like-new condition, fully functional, with all necessary cords, batteries and attachments and instructions (if available)

    • We can not accept damaged, dirty or broken items

    • We can not accept medications of any kind


If you're uncertain if your donation is something we can accept, please send an email with as much detail (and photos!) as possible to  or call us at 207-774-5555.


Donations may be dropped off at 40 Walch Drive in Portland, Maine, during business hours: Tuesday - Friday from 9:00AM - 4:00 PM (breaking from 12:00-1:00 PM). Please call 207 774 5555 to review your items and schedule a drop off.


Large donations of equipment and supplies needing to be transported in a truck or van should be approved and scheduled in advance.  Please email  or call us at 207-774-5555 with a large donation request.  




All donation drop-offs will be by appointment only

Please call to schedule an appointment and do not leave your donation without speaking to staff or a volunteer.

Do you have a question about a donation?  Contact us at or 207-774-5555

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