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A Message from the
Partners for World Health Team

As we continue to face the COVID-19 crisis, we want to reassure you that the mission of Partners for World Health (PWH) will continue to serve those in need throughout Maine, New England and around the world.

We have expanded our work to include more of our essential activities and volunteer opportunities, all by appointment only. See our updated Office HOURS AND PROCEDURES.

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, PWH is committed to making our resources available to healthcare facilities and first responders. Over the years, our New England partners have helped our organization grow and flourish, ensuring a future for PWH. Now, it is our turn to return the favor. 

These past few months, PWH has loaned ventilators, beds, IV poles, IV pumps and other needed pieces of medical equipment for use by healthcare workers and first responders at many of our partners organizations on the front lines in New England and New York. Additionally, we have been able to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as non-sterile gowns and masks.

Even with this shift in focus, we have remained committed to our international partners in the developing world, preparing and planning for many container shipments of medical supplies and equipment.



How Your Financial Support will help PWH fight COVID-19:

  • Purchase of Blue Sterilization Wrap (for the production of surgical masks and protective gowns for healthcare workers and first responders.)

  • Assist with transportation costs to deliver the supplies to healthcare facilities. 

  • Support our mission. Help us continue to: sort, evaluate, repackage, and prepare these supplies and equipment for distribution to communities, and healthcare facilities affected by COVID-19. 

Healthcare facilities in need of medical supplies or equipment, you can coordinate here: Medical Facility Requests for COVID-19 Supplies or you can call 207-705-9020 to connect with our Medical Supply Program staff.

If you would like to donate PPE or other medical supplies please call 207-774-5555. (By appointment only). Before making a donation, please check our updated list of WHAT WE ACCEPT and WHAT WE CAN NOT ACCEPT. 

PWH has always focused on helping those in need and we will continue to do so. We all have a collective responsibility to do what we can for the health and safety of our community. 

As it has been said many times, we are all in this together! Be well and stay safe. 

                                                       Partners for World Health