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To improve health care and reduce environmental impact by collecting surplus medical equipment and supplies and distributing them to communities in need globally and locally.


A world where all people have access to vital medical equipment and supplies to live healthy lives on a healthy planet.

PWH Pillars of action

Partners for World Health believes challenges are opportunities for action. Through five core program pillars, PWH addresses inequities in global and local health care and mitigates the environmental impact of discarded and unused medical equipment and supplies.


Strategic Priority #1: Expand PWH’s Container Shipment Program by increasing the number of shipments to existing partners and developing new global partnerships.

Strategic Priority #2: Increase PWH’s inventory of medical equipment and supplies by enhancing relationships with existing Medical Equipment and Supply Partners and developing new partnerships to ensure a reliable pipeline of needed medical equipment and supplies.


Strategic Priority #3: Expand PWH’s presence and impact throughout New England, with an intensive focus on strategic outreach in Boston.


Strategic Priority #4: Meet growing organizational needs by increasing staff and volunteers as well as enhancing the diversity and effectiveness of the board of directors.


Strategic Priority #5: Increase and diversify revenue streams and funding partnerships to sustain growth and secure long-term financial security.

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