Myanmar Medical Mission Trip Canceled

October 1, 2015


Due to severe flooding which destroyed the only access road to Hakha, PWH will not be going on it's medical mission trip to Myanmar.  We will let you know when we are able to reschedule this trip. Pakep Thang, PWH's good friend in Myanmar, wrote to Elizabeth about the devastation caused by a major flood in August, 2015 in the mountainous area of Chin State. This tragic event did not make national news and, as a result, there is very little aid going to the area to help the people rebuild their lives. The only road allowing for movement of goods and services was washed out and has not been repaired. The people are stranded in this remote area with limited food, water and services. PWH has had to cancel its medical mission trip due to lack of accesibility.



Pakep Thang's letter reads: Dear Friends,I was able to visit Kalamyo, Sagaing Division and Hakha, Chin State, disaster zone in August 15-22. We saw the areas of flooding and many homeless people beside of the road with many simple tents in Kalamyo area. Many houses are filled with mud and it will be a long time before people will be able to stay in their houses again. I cannot imagine how long they will take to clean their houses. It is still raining and still muddy in that area. The road from Kalamyo to Hadka has been washed away in many areas and is not passable except with motorcycle and even that is quite dangerous.I continued to Hakha city on August 19 and saw some homeless people. It is so much more broken than I thought. Our hearts are very, very sad. 619 houses were totally broken and 6700 people become homeless in Hakha city.The people are facing lack of food and drinking water in this area. Most of the crop fields were destroyed and covered by mud. The people are worried because there is almost no food (rice and crops) this year and probably also next year. All of the food prices have risen. Thankfully there were no deaths in Hakha. Our Children homes and our Churches are safe.We were able to help with some food (rice) for this area for about 500 people for a month and we are helping to build a camp for shelter.Please share this information with others so that the world will know the grave situation for the Hadka people in the mountains in Myanmar. Thank you so much for your help, your prayers and your love.



Pakep Thang Pastor Hadka

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