Partners for World Health is Growing!

June 26, 2015


In June, Elizabeth McLellan, founder of Partners for World Health (PWH), traveled to Bangladesh to meet with members of the Bashundhara Group, the country's largest corporation.  It employs over 35,000 people in many venues and is involved in many businesses including cement production, paper production, housing developments,  newspaper, radio and TV, along with other ventures which support the growth and development of the country.  The company was started in 1970 under the direction of Chairman Ahmed Sobhan and has always stood behind it's motto of "For the People, For the Country". It helped to improve the economy of the country and impact the lives of millions.


Because of their strong belief in corporate social responsibility, the Bashundhara Group is involved with many social activities to provide services to the underserved.  For example, they have started a program for street chidldren.  They hire the street boys to sell  newspapers in the morning in exchange for having them go to school in the afternoon.  The company understands that getting an education will help prevent the kids from getting involved with crime and drugs as they grow older.  They have also established micro-financing programs for women, which have been a shining success.  They don't charge the women any interest and there has been 100% repayment of all loans.


The Bashundhara Groups believes that healthcare should be available to all regardless of  ability to pay.  With this in mind, they are focused on building sustainable hospitals that will serve the poor.  Every hospital will maintain a high standard of care with educated, competent staff, and wil be associated with both a medical school and a nursing school.  They understand you cannot just have a hospital, you also need an educated, highly-trained workforce and medical supplies available on a regular basis.


Together with the Bashundhara Group, Partners for World Health has provided assistance in the creation of the Bashundhara Group Healthcare Network.  This new organization will be instrumental in providing medical supplies, education and training to doctors and nurses and overall healthcare improvement in Bangladesh.  PWH will also participate in the creation of the Bashundahra Group Nursing Institute.


Our philosophies for caring for those less fortunate are the same, and Partners for World Health is proud to be associated with such a respected business organization that wants to make a difference in the lives of it's country's people.


PWH is excited about this new opportunity, and with the help of the Bashundhara Group, we will be able to provide medical supplies on a regular basis to Bangladesh.  We initially anticipate sending a container a month for distribution to hospitals in need in Dhaka.  In addition, specific supplies needed in the rural hospital will also be provided as direct gifts from the Bashundhara Group Healthcare Networlk.  PWH's medical mission program will being in 2016 with two medical missions to support the Bushundara Group Healthcare Network. 


Partners for World Health is growing!






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