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We're Expanding!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

PWH is expanding! Last week, we signed a lease agreement for warehouse space located at 50 Howe Avenue in Millbury, MA!

This additional space addresses the logistical challenges PWH has faced when collecting from our partners in Massachusetts and throughout New England, and will help PWH distribute items to those in need more quickly and efficiently. We anticipate further growth in the Massachusetts area, extending to both Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The space is rented from G&W Foundry, whose mission is to ensure the success of all their customers by being the most reliable supply chain management company for metal products. Founded in 1932, G&W initially specialized in stove and spare parts. Since then, they have grown to become one of the industry leaders in global manufacturing.

“A warehouse is more than just a building holding inventory, it’s the lifeline of business, commerce, and success—and we understand that.” They have warehouses located in Massachusetts, Alabama, Texas, Washington, California, Ontario, Illinois, and New Jersey -- each is organized to help businesses save money and time, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Vice President, Jim Bruso, graduated from Boston University in 1981 with a degree in finance, and took on the task of managing G&W’s finances. As time went on, he ventured into a sales role and eventually progressed into the role of VP under his brother Richard Bruso. In 2005, Jim started leasing commercial/industrial property for AAA Mass Turnpike Warehouse Corp. which, at the time, only had two tenants. Since then, Jim has increased the tenant list to over 20, filling the properties to nearly 100% capacity.

In 2019, PWH collected from 15 different medical facilities throughout Massachusetts. Of those 15 facilities, we collected 49,992 lbs of medical supplies and equipment which was only 16% of PWH’s total incoming donations. We look forward to establishing new partnerships with medical facilities throughout Massachusetts and Southern New England. If your facility is interested in joining our medical supply recycle program please give us a call at 207-774-5555 or email

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