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PWH Ukraine Response 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

PWH Ukraine Response 2022

Just days after Russia invaded Ukraine, PWH launched an appeal to send a 40 foot container of medical equipment and supplies to help those in Ukraine. Since March PWH has sent five shipments to Ukraine via air and sea valued at more than $2,000,000.

During the Summer and Fall PWH plans on sending additional shipments via air and sea. Air shipments are more costly but allow PWH to get vital supplies on the ground more quickly while sea shipments allow us to send heavier medical equipment that is still vital but less urgent.

The response to PWH’s Ukraine Response appeal has been significant not only from key supporters but also from other organizations in Maine. One Longfellow Square held a benefit concert, as did the Da Ponte Quartet, Yarmouth and Portland High Schools created events and other organizations and clubs have all generated funds to support PWH’s efforts.

Our capacity to respond quickly and efficiently means that supplies and equipment were on the ground within days rather than weeks or months - it isn’t surprising that PWH can respond so deftly - we are small, nimble and creative - and this is what we do day in day - source surplus medical equipment here in New England and get it to those in need whether locally or internationally.

In addition to large scale shipments to Ukraine we have also helped supply nurses, doctors and other volunteers traveling to Ukraine or other countries supporting Ukrainian refugees with the supplies they need to assist doctors and nurses in Ukraine and surrounding countries. We have also sent along letters of support from pupils in Maine’s school to their counterparts in Ukraine in a show of solidarity that casts Maine in a great light - not just because PWH is based here - but because the people of Maine are caring and humane.

PWH has a small dedicated staff of ten who work with more than 125 volunteers to ensure that surplus medical supplies stay out of landfills when discarded by hospitals, healthcare systems and facilities to ensure the quality of our environment and then through our shipments and medical missions work to ensure a reduction in global health inequities. We help people lead healthy lives on a healthy planet.

You can support our Ukraine effort by visiting our website:

Partners for World Health

"You are amazing, many thanks for your support. 26 pallets of medicines safely delivered Letters from Maine Children are on our wall.' Denys from Ukraine

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