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An Emergency Within An Emergency

Although PWH has been faced with many operational challenges this year, the demand for essential medical supplies and equipment has not been one of them. The health shock of COVID-19 is having a disastrous effect on our partners in the developing world who already have strained health systems. The addition of this global pandemic has exacerbated their existing social and economic emergency.

Despite having to temporarily pause all volunteer operations during the Maine State lockdown, PWH remained committed to our mission of helping those in need. Requests for supplies continued and even increased for specific PPE items. Our small team endeavored to respond safely and appropriately to all requests, large and small.

Our container shipments have not diminished; we have already prepared, packed and shipped a total of 12 containers in 2020 to: Liberia, Syria (4), South Sudan, Jamaica, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Liberia (2), Lebanon, and Yemen. We plan to ship another 1-2 more before year’s end. The need is great, and PWH will continue to respond.

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